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Danger, Danger Will Robinson! Are You Still Treating Each Cloud Security Issue with the same Urgency?

Instead of treating every issue with the same weight like that bobble-headed robot from “Lost in Space,” orgs need to find the root cause of their risk. The other night I was scrolling through streaming options and came across that old science fiction TV show, “Lost in Space.” It is so old, in fact, that…

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The toil in the cloud: Pain, waste, and expense of remediation busyness

A topic in cybersecurity that isn’t getting enough attention, but is critically important, is toil in the cloud. This toil is crippling organizations and cloud security analysts today. We discussed in our first blog post how difficult it is on cloud security teams to understand, investigate and remediate issues in the cloud. Today we’re going…

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Cloud detection tools are ubiquitous: Root Solutions are rare

Using root cause analysis across your SDLC security tools is a force-multiplier for your existing teams and security tools. A three-part blog series In today’s rapidly evolving cloud security landscape, organizations face severe talent shortages compounded by an overwhelming amount of detection across the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Cloud security teams can’t keep up and…

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