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Hello, and welcome to our new website and blog as we launch out of stealth mode!   

The Longbow team is a highly experienced group of cloud security practitioners, SW engineers, and thought leaders from McKinsey & Company, Amazon, Obsidian Security, and Deloitte. Combined, we’ve led hundreds of programs at Fortune 500 companies to automate cloud security operations and remediate security issues at scale.

But we grew frustrated with the industry tendency to throw more and more detection at the problem, creating more and more alerts that no organization has enough personnel to address. It felt like we were running fast but never getting ahead. It’s exhausting and demoralizing when nobody can stay in front of the tidal way of security alerts and focus on what actually matters – reducing risk.

So we joined together to build Longbow, determined to create an innovative solution that would empower organizations to get out of the alerts business and achieve real risk reduction for their ever-growing cloud presence.

To stay ahead of security threats and reduce the attack surface, organizations need to automate and scale remediation in the cloud. To do that, however, a critical ingredient has been missing – contextual enrichment and root cause analysis of issues across all of your SDLC tools. Without cross-tool context, security teams can’t get to the root cause of the cloud security issues driving the most risk.

Longbow automates root cause analysis across your cloud security tools and provides security teams with intelligent remediation capabilities that address the most amount of risk with the least amount of effort. The result is significant efficiency and effectiveness improvements to enable security teams to achieve the greatest risk reduction impact.

By highlighting the Best Next Actions™, Longbow provides the acceleration and the aim so that the finite number of arrows in the quiver are shot straight at the bullseye of risk, enabling companies to protect what matters most.  

Introducing: Longbow – From Data to Done

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