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Longbow. The product

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Longbow identifies the Best Next Actions to reduce the most risk, not by asking you to replace your tools or add people, but by enhancing them. Longbow empowers your security and engineering teams with automated root cause analysis to enable remediating the most urgent and impactful application and cloud security issues.


Unified findings across dev, build, deploy, and production tools

Risk visibility from code-to-cloud and increased velocity of remediation by 10x


Prioritized solutions targeting root cause

Solutions prioritized based on the reduction of asset and identity risk


Best Next Actions™ to efficiently reduce the most risk

Remediation actions focused on root cause which reduces your time to remediate risk by over 75%

Longbow Solution Overview

Security architecture typically consists of disparate 3rd party and cloud native tools, each one designed to target a specific problem creating information that resides in its own silo. For data to be useful, it must reflect the entire story across all of your security tools deployed in the cloud.

We seamlessly integrate, normalize, and unify cross-service context across all of your cloud security tools applying deep contextual analysis to pre-investigate each issue, determine its root cause and urgency, saving time and reducing risk.

Longbow shines a light on what matters most for an organization by illuminating the most urgent issues and the riskiest assets. We do this by leveraging the contextual analysis and investigation results as risk factors to calculate the urgency of issues and the risk of assets. This provides customers with a real-time, and data driven view of risk and urgency.

Our powerful data visualization capabilities provide visibility, risk hunting, and data exploration capabilities to see through the noise, and by providing you the entire story across all your security tools

Longbow’s streamlined Campaign capabilities allow analysts to create thematic Campaigns to track and measure risk burn down to manage security risk to the source, even connecting with existing ticketing systems to complete the remediation workflow.

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Deployment is fast, agentless, and can be completed in minutes

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50+ integrations across CSPs, AST, CNAPP, CSPM, CWPP, and VM

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Cloud Environments

Works across single, multi-cloud and hybrid environments

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Fast ROI in less than 3 months with 10X productivity gain in issue investigation & remediation

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