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Danger, Danger Will Robinson! Are You Still Treating Each Cloud Security Issue with the same Urgency?

Instead of treating every issue with the same weight like that bobble-headed robot from “Lost in Space,” orgs need to find the root cause of their risk.

The other night I was scrolling through streaming options and came across that old science fiction TV show, “Lost in Space.” It is so old, in fact, that the first season was shot in black and white. To recap, or to introduce you to the show if you’ve never seen it, the Robinson family (yes, think Swiss Family Robinson) plus robot caretaker are scheduled to spend five years in space exploring the galaxy but an act of sabotage throws them off course, and they become, um, lost is space.  

However, when the robot did yell out “Danger” or “Warning,” it was with the same heightened voice and flailing arm motion. He also never said what the danger was, where the danger was coming from, or how dangerous it really was, like on a scale from one to ten bad. Or, how to remediate said danger. It was just an alert that carried the same weight, whether the threat was little, tiny robots, a singing Valkyrie (I kid you not) or larger, hairy sasquatch-type aliens.

Now compare the robot’s call of “danger” to the type of alerts a cloud security analyst gets every day. These brave men and women are on the front lines of detecting, responding, and remediating cyberthreats. When an analyst gets a warning alert, it has the same weight for a threat that can be big or small. Then they have to figure out which alerts are worth investigating from among the thousands of warning notifications they receive.

But the most glaring problem of all is that there is no clear path from alerts to high impact remediation i.e., remediating a large number of issues with a small set of actions.

How can Longbow help?

Clearly, what is needed is instead of treating every issue with the same weight like our bobble-headed robot is receiving prioritized solutions that target the root cause. Best Next Actions™ efficiently gives remediation actions focused on root cause which reduces your time to remediate risk by over 75%. 

Think of how many disparate 3rd party and cloud native tools exist in a given organization. Studies show enterprises employ a minimum of six detection tools in the cloud, all identifying cloud security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Not to mention each one is designed to target a specific area and tends to operate in a vacuum without vital context surrounding it. Information resides in these various silos. Our solution seamlessly integrates, normalizes, and unifies cross-service context across all of your cloud security tools. Through comprehensive contextual analysis, we proactively investigate each problem to determine its root cause and urgency, saving you time and reducing risk. It does not stop there! It goes on to convey what the best next actions are to remediate the most risk with the least effort. Customers claim the outcome is a reduction in time to remediate risk by over 75%, a 10X increase in issues remediated per analyst per day, a 80% reduction in requests to DevOps, and an overall reduction in cloud risk of 20X what was achieved before Longbow. This is a huge value to organizations who can’t hire enough cloud security talent to address the risk.

Longbow shines a light on what matters most for an organization by illuminating the most urgent issues and the riskiest assets. So get out of the alert business and back into the risk reduction business.