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Veracode Acquires Longbow Security

Organizations Accelerate Application Risk Management Through Effective Prioritization and Security Debt Reduction

Veracode, a global leader in application risk management, today announced the acquisition of Longbow Security, a pioneer in security risk management for cloud-native environments. The acquisition marks the next exciting phase of Veracode, underscoring the company’s commitment to help organizations effectively manage and reduce application risk across the growing attack surface.

The integration of Longbow into Veracode enables security teams to discover cloud and application assets quickly and easily assess their threat exposure using automated issue investigation and root cause analysis. Longbow provides a centralized view of risk for cloud assets and applications, thereby simplifying complex workflows, enabling faster and more effective remediation, and improving overall security posture. The result is reduced risk and fewer vulnerabilities in applications and cloud infrastructures.

Increased adoption of cloud infrastructure, combined with developers taking on more responsibility for the creation, deployment, and security of software, has introduced operational complexity. Organizations now require a deeper understanding of their risk profile within changing environments and a continuous security feedback loop throughout the software development life cycle.

“Security teams are drowning in alerts that lack sufficient detail on the level of business risk, degree of exploitability of a flaw, and specific code-level insight to keep pace with remediation requirements. As a result, risk continues to accumulate,” said Brian Roche, Chief Product Officer at Veracode. “With the combination of Veracode and Longbow, teams can get a comprehensive view of their risk, automate prioritization of what matters most, and, with Veracode Fix, automate remediation of code security flaws.”

Longbow and Veracode Simplify Cloud Application Security for Overloaded Teams

With 71 percent of organizations shouldering the burden of “security debt” (flaws in applications that remain unfixed for one year), teams must act quickly to reduce their threat exposure. Yet, sufficient visibility and alert fatigue continue to plague cloud and application security professionals today. With Longbow, Veracode customers can address these challenges in four ways:

  • Unified visibility of risk across applications, code, and cloud. This gives teams insight to tackle significant issues that matter most to the business.
  • Orchestrated remediation from code to cloud, enabling teams to prioritize and remediate with Veracode’s AI-driven fix capabilities.
  • Actionable insights with “Best Next Action” advice, so customers can conduct a root cause analysis and pinpoint the best path to remediation.
  • Continuous monitoring and assessment via real-time vulnerability discovery across application portfolios and runtime environments, meaning customers know exactly what is running and where.

Derek Maki, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Longbow said, “We founded Longbow with a mission to simplify an increasingly complex application security risk management process and help organizations reduce risk at scale. By joining forces with Veracode, our combined solutions provide unmatched visibility, automation, and remediation capability for security and engineering teams. We are excited to take cloud-native application security to the next level.”

“This is the perfect fit for Longbow,” said Dayne Myers, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Longbow. “After careful consideration, we believe that our technology and team align seamlessly with Veracode’s vision, making this the best choice for Longbow’s future.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome Longbow to Veracode and expand our platform capabilities with industry-leading application security posture management for today’s enterprise requirements,” closed Sam King, Chief Executive Officer at Veracode. “The integration of our solutions provides organizations with a holistic application risk management platform that spans code to cloud. Veracode combined with Longbow advances the field of application security and enables customers to secure their increasingly complex application landscape more efficiently.”

Longbow is available immediately. To learn more about the platform, visit the rest of the Longbow website. Read the Veracode blog for information on the acquisition.

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